Nowadays, electrical and electronic systems, along with information technology, are vital to all fields of industry, contributing to the development of modern society. Our department places an emphasis on mastering a fundamental knowledge of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and Information Engineering, and on fostering the ability to apply this knowledge practically. Curricula are roughly divided into three categories: Basic and General, Electronics and Computing, and Electrical Systems. Basic and General includes electric circuit theory, electromagnetism, information processing, and logic circuits. Several courses in Electronics and Computers and Electrical Systems are elective. 

Admission Policy

  The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering seeks those who

(i) are greatly interested in electrical, electronics, and computer information technology; and

(ii) would like to find jobs in the field of electrical, electronics and computer information technology.


実験(英語) 台湾見学会(英語)
Electrical and computer engineering
experiment (2nd grade)
Study tour to Taiwan (4th grade)