April Entrance Ceremony
Opening Ceremony 
Dormitory Welcoming Party

Intramural Athletic Meet
Student Assembly

June Mid-Semester Exam 
Advanced Faculty Entrance Exam
Dormitory Festival 
July Kinki District Intercollegiate Athletic Meet 
Visit from Shanghai Dian Ji University
August Summer Vacation 
National Intercollegiate Athletic Meet
September First Semester Exam
October School Trip 
Intramural Athletic Meet 
Dormitory Fire Drill 
Dormitory Sports Day
November College Festival 
National Intercollegiate Robot Tournament 
Japanese Speech Contest for Overseas Students
December Kinokuni Robot Festival 
Mid-Semester Exam
January Entrance Exam of TAIKEN JISSHU 
Entrance Exam for Recommended Students 
Dormitory New Year Sports Festival 
Debate with Overseas Students
February Entrance Exam Final Exam 
Presentation of Graduation Research
March Closing Ceremony 
Graduation Ceremony
校舎 夏 和高専 冬
Our College
in Summer Season
Our College
in Winter Season