Recently, research and development divisions of worldwide major companies prefer to hire mechanical engineers who not only have mechanical knowledge, but are also skilled in information technology. Therefore, it is necessary for colleges to give students a cutting edge education in mechanical and information technologies. Our department aims to instruct students in these fields, and to train students to be creative craftsmen through a unified five-year educational course. 

 Our curriculum consists of four fields: Mechanics & Materials, Thermo Dynamics & Fluid Dynamics, Drawing & Manufacturing, and Information & Control. An engineering experiment including pre-graduation research is provided for the 4th year students, in addition to an internship program. In the 5th year, students engage in graduation research.

Admission Policy

  The Department of Intelligent Mechanical Engineering seeks those who

 (i) are greatly interested in robot engineering and design engineering technologies;

 (ii) are greatly interested in making new system in the field of the Mechanical Engineering with your original good ideas;

   (ⅲ) want to contribute for making a better world with your Mechanical Engineering ideas.


1年工作実習の様子(旋盤を使った切削加工) ロボット創作実習風景1
Lathe and machining cutting methods(1st grade) Robot making experiment(3rd grade)