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Liberal Arts


In our increasingly globalized 21st century society, engineers are required not only to hold superior knowledge and skills in their specialized fields, but also to have strict professional ethics and a responsibility to actively innovate in the global arena.

Therefore, in addition to their specialized subjects, students at our college are provided with the liberal education necessary to be active members of society: that is the development of the intellectual and physical capacity to identify and solve problems in a constructive way, while coping flexibly with the demands of a rapidly changing society. The subjects of Liberal Arts, taught to students of all departments, are aimed at broadening students’ spiritual and cultural knowledge and critical thinking skills, as well as cultivating a well-rounded personality.

Those subjects are broadly divided into two groups: natural science and humanities. The former consists of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, while the latter includes Japanese, Social Science, English, Music, and Physical Education. In addition, a second Foreign Language can be chosen from German, French, and Chinese. Many of the subjects are required and are taught in the first two or three years. As students progress, advanced courses are available in the 4th and 5th year students.